"This product works exactly as advertised.I have never ever ordered anything which was advertised on a infomercial or Facebook. I was extremely skeptical about ordering.I figured $20.00 let’s give it a try (I am VERY busty ).I received it and used it right away.It WORKSI can’t believe it.It makes me look slimmer and no side boob. 5 stars all the way"
Dianne C.

"OMG It's literally a transformation.  My big boobs make me look so thick and this really just tightens that area up!  My husband was like Wow, that’s a visible difference!"
Megan L.

"The Bra Bridge is so simple and offers such comfort. I feel more pulled together in any outfit. It offers me a more secure feeling whether I’m dressing for the workday, a dressy affair or the golf course! It’s easily used with any bra and so simple to attach. I consider it “external augmentation” and the benefits of limited movement and feeling slimmer all the way around are especially nice!
Lori M. 

"Such a great little accessory - even with a bra fitting at a store, and a great bra that fits properly, there are still somethings that a perfect bra just can't do. The bra bridge not only enhances your look - but enhances your bra! Its like a power boost to something already great. Get a good bra - and then, get a bra bridge. You will not regret this!I
Summer H.

"Just as promised, the Bra Bridge will help show your figure in its most flattering, but natural light. I get the extra support I need from the side, without the extra bulk and although I try to replace my bras when they start wearing out, I think this will make them last longer."
Lori C.

“I love how it helps pull everything in from the sides. Easy to use and comfortable.” 
Kelly A.

"I am a 60 year woman with a 38 D bra size! With the BraBridge, I feel like I have 21 year olds chest again.”
Patti G.

“The Bra Bridge is a definite bridge from my ever changing milk-mama breasts to having great shape and posture.”
Tabitha C.

"I just leave them on all the time. A great product! My mom purchased these for me. I'm a 36H (holy mackerel!) and would love to be smaller. In the meantime I have a wide boob issue. I attached my pack to my existing bras and never take them off. I'm going to buy a second pack for the other bras. Thanks for a great product! I'm buying more -- and they do make a great gift! One size fits all!"


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