How does the Bra Bridge work?

The Bra Bridge is secured between the cups of your existing bra to pull on the bra’s cups and provide additional support for your breasts. Depending on your breast size and shape, your bra type and fitment and where you position the Bra Bridge along the edge of your cups, the Bra Bridge can lift and support your breasts, reduce side-boob, sagging, unwanted bouncing, shoulder and back pain from lack of support, make your bra fit better and provide other advantages that we note on our website.



  1. Attach one clip to the inner edge of one cup at the desired location and the second clip to the inner edge of the other cup; 
  2. Look in the mirror: if you want more support and cleavage, release the clips and adjust each clip position upward on the cup edge. If you want less support, release and adjust the clip's position downward along each of the cup edges. 
  3. For a more discreet look with tighter fitting tops, you can secure the clips bottom side out on your bra.


Will the Bra Bridge provide any benefits for smaller breasted women?

We recommend at minimum of C size to experience the maximum benefits Bra Bridge offers.


Will the Bra Bridge show through my shirt?

No, the Bra Bridge will not show through most tops, blouses and shirts unless made of very sheer fabric.


Will the Bra Bridge damage my delicate bras?

Bra Bridge uses clips that are designed to secure to the material of most bras without any damage even when used regularly. That said, using your Bra Bridge with extraordinarily delicate bras should be done with caution.


What material is the strap made from?

The strap of the Bra Bridge is made from 100% polyester for durability and strength.


How do I open the clips and remove them from the packaging?

Opening the clips is simple and easy. We recommend using the side of your thumb to avoid damaging your nails, please follow this tutorial if you have any questions.



Can I machine wash my Bra Bridge?

Your Bra Bridge should be hand washed with laundry detergent and hand dried. Machine washing and drying can cause paint chipping and may otherwise reduce the lifespan of the Bra Bridge. 


I had a bra fitting, do I still need a Bra Bridge?

The answer is most likely yes.  Bra fittings are great, but often you are fitted to a single brand and the fit/sizing could be very different with another brand.  They also don't work for everyone, especially those who are larger busted and would like to wear a regular bra vs. the style that is more like a harness with panels. Most bras, even good ones, do not address all the issues that Bra Bridge does.  


Does the Bra Bridge Work For Every Size?

Yes, the Bra Bridge is effective no matter what your size, including plus size. 


Can the Bra Bridge be worn discretely when wearing tight fitting clothing?

Yes, we recommend reversing the clip so that the top of the clip rests against your breasts and the flatter bottom of the clip is facing outward. 


What if my Bra Bridge breaks?

We will replace any Bra Bridge that breaks due to manufacturer’s defects within the first 60 days free of charge. Just go to the Returns section of our website for details on receiving a shipping label.


What if my Bra Bridge doesn’t work for me and my particular bras?

We will refund the purchase price (minus shipping and handling charges) of your Bra Bridge if doesn’t provide you with the desired result, just return the product to us and we will refund your payment. Details for this can be found in the Returns section of our website.


Where can I buy a Bra Bridge?

The Bra Bridge is available on our website and select retailers.


I have more questions, how do I contact you?

Please email us at info@brabridge.com or call us at (612) 209-3337.





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