Bra Bridge - Variety 3-Pack

This innovative bra accessory will give you a slimmer look and helps your bra fit better. Bra Bridge is a simple solution for these issues:

  • Pesky side drift that makes you look wider than your are
  • Too much bouncing and/or sagging, not enough support
  • Bra doesn't fit quite right

The Bra Bridge easily attaches to both cups of your bra and pulls your breasts in and forward, creating a slimmer, more flattering look, no matter what your size. Even if you have had a bra fitting, you will love the difference this little clip makes and most bras, even good ones, do not address all the issues that Bra Bridge does.

"Oh my goodness, I could cry these things are so life changing. I am a 34E and the girls make me look fat, plain and simple. I don't feel like I look professional in anything. Not anymore. I haven't stopped wearing it since I received it yesterday. Put my bra on first thing in the morning as usual. I look slimmer and even more important, my chest feels pounds lighter and in control. Thank you!!"--Josie R. 

    Each package comes with three clips: white, nude/beige and black. Easy to use and does not show through clothes.

    Get the support you need with the Bra Bridge and love how you look in your bras once again. Money back guarantee! For additional information visit our FAQs page.

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