Why Bra Bridge Offers More than a Better Fitting Bra

Why Bra Bridge Offers More than a Better Fitting Bra

May 31, 2018

I cannot tell you how many times I have been asked by women “doesn’t a good bra fix the problem?” Rather than answer that question directly, I give them a challenge; I challenge you to look in the mirror with your bra on, and pull the bra cups towards each other. If you don’t see a difference than by all means stick with your bra. However, if you see what I experience than you are the perfect candidate for the Bra Bridge. Trust me when I say we have customers from all over the US who swear by the Bra Bridge. There’s a reason they don’t leave home without it.

For me personally, I would like to wear a bra like “B cups” get to wear. They’re on the smaller side, no side panels or padding for support. A bra with side panels and armor like padding is not my kind of bra, after all, I am only 48 years young.

I have seen plenty of women who believe they have wonderful bras and don’t need the Bra Bridge, and that’s okay. (I would still like the opportunity to challenge them:). It’s only human nature to get used to one thing and be hesitant to try something new even if it can make a difference. Personally, I am always in favor to try something new. What’s the worst that can happen? Some women don’t care if their breasts look perky or droopy, bounce around like basketballs or are flat as pancakes, but many have also become accustomed to it and don't realize there's another option.

Here’s an important consideration; how many women’s sizes change over time? We fluctuate weight and size all the time, I know I do. We can’t always buy new bras to fit the weight du jour. A bra that fits well one month might not the next month for all sorts of reasons. The Bra Bridge gives you a consistent, fitted look. It provides a discreet sense of security and confidence.

In addition, there are so many different manufacturers nowadays. So, you get fitted and the bra fitter tells you you’re a 36D. Not all 36 D’s fit the same because every bra manufacturer has a different style. Some bras have no support at all, some have too much padding, the differences are endless. Again, adding a Bra Bridge only makes your bra fit better. It provides the added support, lift and confidence all of want.

Most of us have a favorite bra and struggle parting with it. Personally, I want to extend the lifespan as long as possible and get as much use out of it. This is why I keep my Bra Bridges attached to my bras. I never need to think about it. Honestly, I I feel strange not wearing it now, like something is missing.

My personal perspective is, let’s make the best of wearing a bra and I dare say that’s with a Bra Bridge. It adds all the benefits we as women are looking for:

Lifts and holds
No more bouncing
No more side boob
Not noticeable under your clothes

Give it a try, I believe you will see and feel the difference and never want to go back!

Supportively Yours,

Judith Samson-founder

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