Bra Bridge should be one of your bra fitment habits

What Are Your Bra Habits?

April 21, 2018

I am a creature of habit....

I find great comfort in knowing I like something and sticking to it. If I love a dish at a restaurant, I will scan the menu but always land on the same dish (usually pasta :) with a fancy drink, but it must be in a fancy glass. I enjoy my 1 cup of coffee in the morning and never have 2, I travel with the same pillow I have owned for 8 years, and can’t sleep without it. I really sound like a stick in the mud, but I swear, I am a ton of fun, you will learn that as I continue my blogging.

Like many things, I also have a favorite brand of bra. Don’t get me wrong, I have tried other brands, but for some reason they never fit right. I can’t do padding because I am already big enough, 36D. I don’t want the straps to be wide because it makes me feel a little too “mature”, and I am not there yet. I don’t mind the underwire. In fact, I don’t even notice it there (see, I’m not that difficult), I like the simple colors. The patterns and the lace tends to show through my clothes and I want to give everyone the impression I don’t wear a bra. Okay, that’s not true but you know what I mean. I don’t want to scream “hey look, I am wearing a bra with a floral pattern on it”. I know my size, I run into the store, grab my safe colors and skedaddle out of there. I have been professionally fitted for a bra and that’s how I found out I was a 36D, I had been wearing a 36 C for years. I should have known better when I found myself trying to stuff my excess breast tissue in one side of my brassiere while it was pouring out the other end. Okay, maybe it wasn’t that bad, but you get my drift. As I think back, I felt a little awkward having an older lady moving my breasts around while commenting under her breath. She probably had a dozen other breasts in her hand that day, and looked at them like they were melons at the grocery store. For me though, I felt on display like a young adolescent trying on my first training bra.

Bras are a multi billion dollar advertising nightmare. So many women, so many shapes, so many sizes and so many styles. My thought is, why not keep things simple. Figure out your size, find the standard colors; white, black and nude and make the purchase. Oh, and you might want a fun color in the mix, maybe a red or pink and that’s all you need.

Then comes the magic, the Bra Bridge accessory. This is a simple and inexpensive bra fitment accessory that will make your favorite bra not only good but great. When you throw on a shirt or a blouse you want the girls to be lifted, they should be youthful and perky. This correlates to feeling confident and youthful. This is where me being a creature of habit comes into play. I have my favorite brassieres, some of which should probably be thrown away, but you know, I’m attached to them. I have my matching colored Bra Bridges attached, and I never take them off. I look at it as simplification of my life. One less thing to think about in the morning as I get up and get dressed for work. Being a creature of habit isn’t so bad is it?

Habitually yours,

Judith Samson, founder

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