Going Beyond Breakfast in Bed to Celebrate Mom This Mother’s Day

Going Beyond Breakfast in Bed to Celebrate Mom This Mother’s Day

May 09, 2018

Mother’s Day is the perfect day to tell mom just how much you appreciate her, but sometimes finding the perfect way to show her can be tricky. You want her to feel special and celebrated, but the same breakfast in bed routine just isn’t cutting it anymore. Here is a list to inspire your Mother’s Day celebrations that will make your mom feel like the best mother in the world, because she is.

Plant a Garden

Find a corner of her garden that needs some sprucing up and select various flowers and greenery to make it look like it belongs in a gardening magazine. Either plant it with her on Mother’s Day, or get her out of the house and surprise her with a magnificent new garden when she gets back. Either way, it’s the gift that keep on giving because every time she looks at that corner of the yard, she will think of the effort you put into making her smile.


Go to a Farmers Market

The farmers market is a wonderful place to find fresh produce, flowers, and even some good street food depending on where you live. It is the perfect outing in the morning. Grab your moms favorite cup of coffee and peruse the aisles of freshly picked goodies. Bonus mom points if you get ingredients for dinner and make a homecooked meal!


Make her Feel Confident

Send mom out for a pampering session that will have her feeling like a whole new woman. A massage, manicure, pedicure, haircut, the list can go on and on. Pick a few things that you know your mom would never splurge on herself and send her out for a confidence boosting day. When she gets back surprise her with a basket of goodies that has bath bombs, nail polish, candles, and a bra bridgeto fix all her bra woes.


Hit Her with the Element of Surprise

Your mom has undoubtedly spent hours upon hours of her life decorating the house for holidays and birthdays throughout your life. So now is the time to repay her. After she goes to bed, or bright and early before she wakes up, sneak downstairs and deck out the house with streamers, banners, and balloons. On the kitchen table put a bouquet of her favorite flowers, a latte, and her favorite pastries. It is sure to make her feel like a kid again running down the stairs on Christmas morning.


Take Her to an Art Gallery

Do some research in your town and find art galleries that feature local artists. Make sure they are open on Mother’s Day, and take her to enjoy the beauty that your towns artists have to offer. If she finds a piece that she falls in love with, whether it be a one of a kind necklace, or a handmade mug, treat her to a special gift. It is a great way to explore your city, and get the perfect piece to add to her art collection.


Get out of the breakfast in bed Mother’s Day routine and pick one, two, or all of these ideas to celebrate your mom and make her feel like the most loved mom in the world.


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Laurel Vernon

Bra Bridge Team Member

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