Say Goodbye to Bras that Don't Fit

Say Goodbye to Bras that Don't Fit

April 14, 2018

We all know the nagging feeling of wearing a bra that does not fit. It pinches your skin, tugs at your shoulders, and presses on your rib cage. You count down the hours until you can rip your bra off at the end of the day and you can finally breathe. Let’s be honest, bras are probably never going to be your comfiest clothing item, but that doesn’t mean that the level of discomfort is so bad that it's on your mind all day long! Most of the discomfort can be avoided by finding a bra that fits your body. Here are some tips to help you choose the right bra on your next shopping trip.

Tip #1: Ditch Your Pre-Conceptions

According to studies, a whopping 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. So, let go of the bra size you have been buying, because more than likely it is not the size that will fit you best. Also, 70% of women wear a bra that is too small for them so don’t be surprised if you go up 2 cup sizes!

Tip #2: Be Patient

Going bra shopping is not something that most women look forward to. That is because they go into thinking it will take five minutes and a magical bra will fix all their problems. As wonderful as that would be, it is not reality. Take 20 minutes out of your shopping trip and dedicate it to your girls. If you invest your time to find the perfect fit the payoff will be more than worth it.

Tip #3: Get Measured

Getting measured for a bra is uncomfortable, and will probably have flashbacks to horrific memories of getting fitted for your first bra in the mall, but this is the absolute only way to make sure you are buying the right size bra. If you don’t want to get measured by someone else, you can also grab a tape measure and do it yourself. Here is a great guide to teach you how to measure yourself.

Tip #4: Try on Different Styles

Everybody has a different size and shape, so why would we all wear the same style bra? When picking out a new bra try out some different cup styles like a t-shirt bra, balconette bra push-up bra, lightly lined bra, etc. This will ensure that you get the one that is the most comfortable for your body.

Tip #5: Make Sure You Have an All-Around Fit

A common mistake when purchasing a bra is picking one out that the cups seem to fit, but the band doesn’t. To check is your band fits go to a mirror and look at your back. If the band is riding up your back it is time for an upgrade. When choosing your new bra, you want the band to be parallel to the floor.

Tip #6: Try the Bra Bridge

If buying a new bra isn’t what you want to be spending what little free time you probably have on, there is another solution, the Bra Bridge. This nifty (and affordable) accessory clips onto the front of any of your bras and fixes many of your bra hassles. It reduces side boob, has a slimming effect by pulling your breasts in, and reduces bouncing and sagging. It will revamp that old bra you have in your drawer, or the new one that doesn’t quite do its job right and make you walk with a pep in your step through your day!

Take these tips on your next shopping trip and the cycle of ill-fitting bras ruining your outfit (and your confidence) will finally come to an end!

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