How the Bra Bridge Was Born

How the Bra Bridge Was Born

August 02, 2018

Criminal defense attorney Judith Samson felt it was, well, criminal the way her buxom figure added pounds to her appearance.

"I would catch a glimpse of my chest in a window or mirror on my way to court and I wasn't happy with how wide my breast made me look," according to Samson.

She wasn't willing to go through surgery for a breast reduction so instead, Samson — who now lives in St. Paul, Minnesota, with her husband and three teenage boys — pulled out her sewing machine and began working on an idea. 

"If you have large breasts they can tend to fall to the side of your body, which makes your silhouette look wider than you truly are," explains Sampson. "In my case, they stretched past my rib cage."

She refers to the look as the dreaded "side boob." To eliminate the issue, she came up with a super simple solution. She began sewing a tiny, non-stretch piece of material between the inner edge of the cups of her bras.

The idea was to gently pull her breast to the center of her chest. 

"This instantly made me look more narrow and slimmer and when my friends started to notice the change in my figure, they asked me to do the same thing to their bras," said Samson. "So I knew I was onto something."   

That's how the Bra Bridge was born but it would take several more years before Samson — who was busy raising a family and practicing law — could perfect a design and business plan that would make the simple slenderizing solution available to any woman who wanted one.

Her design involved added a small clip to either side of the fabric strap, which makes it easy to attach and remove from any bra. When attaching the Bra Bridge, the higher its position on the cups, the more support it provides.

"Women who have started to use the Bra Bridge tell me it does more than just give them a slender look," Samson said. "The strap helps to reduce their breasts from bouncing when they walk or run, it helps with their posture and a few have told me wearing the Bra Bridge has helped to alleviate some of the back pain which can be the result of heavy breast."

The Bra Bridge is currently available online at A set costs $19.95 and includes three straps in the most common bra colors — white, black and nude.  

"I wear one every day and it really makes me feel better about myself," Samson said. "The 'side boob' issue is gone. So is the bouncing and that gives me a feeling of confidence about the way I look both in my personal and professional life."

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