Getting the Most Out of Your Summer Vacation

Getting the Most Out of Your Summer Vacation

June 13, 2018

June is here and warm weather and the beginning of busy travel months come with it. To help you get the most out of your summer getaway, we are sharing a few tried and tested tips to limit the hair-pulling, stressful moments, and to bliss out on your upcoming summer vacation!

1. Take a step back from the computer
The biggest piece of advice, that most people forget to do these days, is stop religiously researching your destination. Sure, do some research and plan a few of your days with you “must-do” activities, but some of your best memories will come from recommendations from the locals, and things that might be a little more off the beaten path. You never know, the experiences you could never find on the internet could be the most memorable part of your trip.

2. Travel in style AND comfort
Finding the mix between cute and comfy is the key to travel style. If you want to only focus on comfort, more power to you and rock those sweatpants through the terminal. If you desire to look a bit more put together grab a pair of joggers, a pocket tee, and a nice layering piece, like a bomber or jean jacket, just in case it is cold on the plane. Throw on a pair of slide on tennis shoes and head to your gate in style.

3. Bring snacks, to save $$ and your sanity
This will save you during layovers, or on flights when pretzels and overpriced airport food are not your top choices. Throw some trail mix, a few protein bars, and prepackaged hummus and chips for some quick and filling, healthy options. Don’t forget to pack an empty reusable water bottle as well, and once you get through security you can fill it up at a drinking fountain. This will save you money and ensures you won’t get hangry during your travels.

4. Don’t pack those brand-new shoes
Even though you have a perfect outfit in mind for those new heels you bought, it’s not worth the blister’s the next day on your walking tour through the city. Blisters are one sure thing that will ruin any day. So, pack those old heels that you know you have broken in and don’t worry, your vacation glow will be the highlight of your outfit anyway.

5. Pack your for emergency outfit changes
Even though you think you can look at the forecast and plan ahead for weather, you never know what curveball mother nature can throw at you. This tip is especially important for warm weather vacations. I’m sure your suitcase is packed with the cutest of warm weather outfits, a Bra Bridge to pull in your side drift and limit bouncing, and your favorite bikinis. But, it can never hurt to throw in a pair of jeans that go with a few of your tops, and a light jacket for those unusually windy or chilly nights. I promise it won’t take up too much room and you will be thanking yourself later!

6. Set yourself up for success
The secret weapon that everyone will be jealous they didn’t bring along on the trip is the Bra Bridge. You will thank yourself after a long day sightseeing in Rome, hiking to see the Hollywood sign or joining in a game of badminton or beach volleyball at the lake home getaway and you didn’t have to think about constant bouncing. The Bra bridge offers the support and security that limits the exhausting bouncing and saves you from that horrible shoulder pain at the end of the day. It will also pull in the side-drift, and limit sagging to help you pose for that perfect Instagram pic.

Checking off destinations on your bucket list is fulfilling, but the stress of planning can dim your excitement. Try these tips, and don’t forget your bra bridge is not only perfect for everyday wear, but for your travels as well!

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